"Waited 5 hours to be seen.. in chronic pain!"

About: The Royal Liverpool University Hospital / Accident and emergency

Visited the walk in centre in Liverpool centre and was advised to go straight to the hospital as I was in chronic pain. Went straight to a&e, after waiting 2 hours finally got my bloods taken. Another 3 hours later was finally seen by someone after laying in the waiting room in chronic pain with no offer of pain relief. To then be told that my first blood test had got mixed up and had to give another!! How can bloods get mixed up!? I was then finally given two doses of morphine to help with the pain whilst I waited for another two hours for my blood test results. To be told the surgeon was coming to check on me as they suspected either appendicitis or ovarian cysts. I was then sent away with codeine and told to get an appointment with my gp at home (as I was just visiting Liverpool from Durham) to get referred for an ultrasound scan as they couldn't give me one there and then. Would never return to this a&e department again.

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