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(as the patient),

I am in my bed this morning after a visit with to the Ayrshire physio section  at Ayr Hospital. For over 3 and 1/2 years I have been dealing with lower back pain and left leg pain. Initially I waited the normal 16 weeks to see a physio from there I have had so much health problems as I feel the section worked in the dark without proper x-rays or MRi , which was another nightmare. In their own comments they know better in physio than a surgeon and think they are better qualified than the surgeon. (2017)

With that in mind, during the next 2 years approx I was moved to 4 other physio's. They ( same department) took the same approach and maintained advice around GLUTE issues and requested i keep up the exercises the requested .

In the period of two years I had a need to write to them stating the exercise was making my pain worse. The reply was pain can be good!! I raised the matter with Senior Management at Crosshouse hospital who moved the matter up to another section.  All that happened from then was that the pain in my hip and leg was aggravated.

At that point I was transferred to another member of staff at Crosshouse who was very helpful. I was sent for an x-ray on arrival and then after had a discussion to arrange an MRI scan of my back. In real terms i have adjusted my life and worked on reducing pressure to my spine .

The results came through L5/S1 spine issue . I was then sent to see the surgeon at Irvine hospital early 2018 who said it was not my hip that needs replacing it was the lower spine that would require surgery, but the risks were high that I might lose the use of my left leg if nerve I have damage . Therefore, no surgery was an option. All kinds of medication and injections have been given to me. After a further discussion with the hip Surgeon at that time I was informed I had severe bursitis on top of the spine defect , he stated that he would have done a clean out of the left thigh during surgery but could not say it would be successful. After 1 year I decided I can live with the lower back issue and requested that I would take the risk of surgery if the left leg pain could be reduced or at least allow me to walk without a bad limp by clearing out the bursitis problem on the left thigh area.

My own doctor arranged the follow up after my discussion and I went yesterday and was reassessed!  and an x-ray and a very appropriate discussion took place . Conclusion, no change to hip wear, no change to l5/S1 but new to the condition, I might have arthritic issue. That I don't understand when my blood was tested and if there is arthritic problem it was not visible in the two x-rays.

I cannot moan about the actual discussion and time taken by the member of staff , but during the actual physical examination the application around my known area of pain L5/S1 was to say the least excessive .

Although no pain in my back or signs of trapped nerves were evident during the examination .

However , I have been informed that a report will be sent to the surgeon for his consideration but it could take time to sort out an appointment. Ok that,s fine. I expect it will take months to see the surgeon. Otherwise, the member of staff did take a lot of time to listen and send me for another x-ray.

Today I am unable to walk and feel the terrible due to the force applied to a known area of my lower back and right side to middle is very painful. I have never had pain running down the right leg in 3 years. I am clearly unhappy with the amount of pain in my right side which I did not have at all in the past 3.5 years

Expletive comment at this stage would not be printed /displayed on how i feel regarding the add on each and every time i attend physio in Ayrshire . I cannot even limp down the street with the issue in the left leg as the right is more painful. As it is I may have to call out my doctor to come and examine me. Most likely I will need to do that.

I explained during the past 3 years I had attended a Chiropractor who stated very early he would not manipulate my back with known damage.

My last piece of advice during an earlier visit at Cumnock Hospital was aimed at assisting me to live a normal life was to use a golf buggy to reduce the pain.

Unfortunately and with respect to the member of staff yesterday I explained I purchased two golf buggies and a special trailer costing £4500 approx to be told by the physio section at Cumnock to get off them and walk. so they were sold, back to square one I feel.  

I feel they simply played at the easy option without thought or attention to their role.  Also a senior member of the team at Crosshouse failed to respond to me and said they did not feel it was important after I was informed they would take over the assessment. (2017)

My experience with the physio section is not good and I would not be treated there again.  I feel I have been ganged up on because I have made  negative comments to them.

My last hope is for the surgeon to re assess this left leg area and possibly alleviate all or some of the burning pain .

I do hope that the reason for having excessive pain in my lower l5 s1 are including the right leg pain, clears up in a few days and no damage has been done due to the force applied during the physical examination.

The overall bad service mess was created by the physio section from 2017 and their poor approach by not listening to me, the patient.

I write as it is not easy to contact the department by phone due to their workload.


Response from Laura Harvey, Quality Improvement Lead - Person Centred, Customer and Staff Care, Nursing Directorate, NHS Ayrshire and Arran

picture of Laura Harvey

Dear blueair1811

Thank you for your feedback. I am sorry to hear of the poor experiences you have described.

We believe we recognise your situation and that you have also been in contact with us through our complaints process. In order to allow us to fully investigate any outstanding concerns you may have, and to ensure we are providing safe, person centred and quality care at all times, please don't hesitate to get in touch with myself, or a member of my team on the contact details below;

Laura Harvey - laura.harvey@aapct.scot.nhs.uk or via telephone on 01292 513610

Martha McCrea, Complaints Team Leader on 01292 513609

Best Wishes


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