About: Lincoln County Hospital / Gastroenterology

(as the patient),

I was ok going as I have had many endoscopy procedures before as I had major surgery 40 years ago when I had a haemorrhage from my stomach due to a non-malignant mass behind my stomach, a very rare kind  apparently.

I tried to be helpful to the doctor and 2 nurses, and informed them that the veins in my left arm are useless due to the fact that I have so many regular blood tests, my right arm can't be used as I have had breast cancer that side, the doctor replied that they could never understand why that is! I know why and nursed my own granny with lymphodema. Also, the nurse said that I have certainly had my monies worth out of the NHS, deeply offensive as I never asked for any of my illnesses and\or surgery.

I have the report that The doctor gave me in which said patient says she may have had previous oesophageal and gastric surgery and that there is no evidence from endoscopy, for definite apart from the tumour the surgeon repaired a hiatus hernia, which I was told about. I was upset by this I certainly did not imagine my illness and 8-hour operation in the 1970s, and although in those days we were never told details about anything, Furthermore I. I cancelled a further investigation because it meant going there again!