"difference in treatment between staff and cultures."

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(as a relative),

My brother attended a number of hospitals in the past two few years in london.  hampstead , Royal london and homerton and over all he has been treated with empathy and understanding. I was lucky to attend one of the meetings with the doctors and I must say it gave me a better understanding of his conditon.

He is an addict, When he was in pain although the doctor prescribed medication for him for the pai when he was in hospital. tI was not given to him at the intervals prescribed excuses were made they were telling him to man up.  For him to be in pain it must be bad because like me he has a high pain threshhold. My mother was the same when she said she was in pain, She over heard the staff say she doesnt look like she is in pain and sent her hompe from accident and emergency, Given that they had previously operated on her  there should have been alarm bells.  They should have given her a follow up appointment but didnt. They should have properly investigated.

So its hisory repeating itself.
With my brother for some reason he ended up in intensive care. Hes recovered from that now which is good. But then ended up with something else on all occasions I had to interviene
, I know that there is an issue about pay and conditions but you need to address this, So it doesnt keep on repeating., He keeps on having accidents a different infections that need operations in his case you need to find the root cause.
I must say on one occasion we had to use the emergency service for him and they were good. 
There are both good an bad issues in this story I want you to concentraite on both and not just on the negative as you have done with my other stories.