"Absolutly disgusted"

About: Fairmore Medical Practice

Always been to the doctors to get better, not for the doctors to make me ill! I understand constraints on the nhs, but over 4 weeks to get a medical form signed as no locum or gp will sign it because they don't know me, as it's that rare I go to the doctors is just unbelievable, paid £98 to have a medical done from the recommended surgery by the DVLA, and now my own doctors are making me have another blood test even though this is not what the DVLA have asked for! Until I told the admin staff how this was actually starting to make me feel ill again, at no point throughout 3 weeks I have been phoning them had anyone apologised to me, shown any empathy, I have lost an extremely good job I had got but as no licence back I have now lost this! I made a mistake 2 years ago and now I am still being punished for it, not by the DVLA not by anyone now other than my own doctors, who I would always expect to go to get help not to be made to feel like I do now, I never wanted any special treatment as others are waiting too, but put a process in place to deal with these situations and actually make your patients feel like you care not that they are some scumbag, I've paid for every single prescription I've ever had, paid my national insurance since I was 18, never claimed one benefit, but yet I'm still feel like I'm being treated like the sum of the earth! I wouldn't have a job if I treated my customers like this. I'm sure all this will fall on deaf ears, I am not one to ever complain or right a bad review about anything, but I honestly have never ever been made to feel as bad as this surgery has made me feel!!!

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