"Involvement in Interviews for people with Learning Disabilities (LD)"

(as a staff member posting for a patient/service user),

Staff, service users, carers, and volunteers from Nottingham & Rosewood Involvement Centres got together to talk about increasing the amount of LD involvement in interviews. The group wanted to remind all staff from the Trust to include involvement in ALL staff interviews for all service areas and not just LD.

Interview courses were designed to train people with learning disabilities including lots of role-play to practice interviewing techniques looking at every aspect of the interview process.

More that 20 people with LD accessed the 2 courses with plans for a third later this year.

Feedback from interviews since the course from people with learning disabilities:

‘I think it's made a real difference to me I feel involved in something really important’.

‘It’s made me more confidant, I used to think involvement was just for show where interviews were concerned but I have been proved wrong and can see how good it’s been for me’,

‘I had a meeting with George prior to the interview and he helped me to prepare to be part of a panel’.

‘I think we need to tell the interview panel more about ourselves so they are prepared when they meet us and will be able to be better informed about our abilities.’

‘Roddersforest’ said, I have practised interview techniques in preparation for interviews.'

‘I felt really important and proud of taking part in interviews’.

Everyone agreed that no interview should take place in the Trust for any post without service user and carer involvement

‘We should be equal members of the panel’.

Service users also asked to be given enough time to prepare their own questions as preparing for an interview is really important

Equality and diversity was a crucial part of the course with all members at the get together refreshing their knowledge with a quiz that was set by our Head of Equality & Diversity - Catherine Conchar.

Other opportunities for involvement are open to all service users and carers involved in interviews. People from the courses are also getting involved in audits for the Trust such as visiting inpatient areas to check on cleanliness, food standards and infection control for example. Others have joined the Nottingham Recovery College to develop their skills even more.


Response from Involvement & Experience Officer, Involvement, Experience and Volunteering Team, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

The Trust recognises the added value that service user involvement brings to recruiting staff with the right values and skill set. We look forward to more people having the skills and confidence to contribute to the recruitment process. Our goal is for every interview panel to have service users and / or carers involved.

Thank you for your interest in helping us with that.

With kind regards

Debbie Abrams

General Manager

Specialist Services Directorate

Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

Moorgreen, Highbury Hospital