"Incorrect details on discharge letter for admission"

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(as the patient),

I am a spinal injury patient who has bowel cancel.

I live at home with my wife who is also disabled. The Caldicot District Nurses attend to me twice a week and I have carers four times a week

It was on one of the Dustrict Nurses visits that I looked unwell and after a few tests rang an ambulance for admission to the Royal Gwent Hospital query Sepsis UTI.

On th discharge letter given to me from Chepstow, someone at the Royal Gwent Hospital stated that I was admitted for rehabilitation, which was wrong.

Whilst at the Royal Gwent hospital , I projectile vomited blood, liquid faeces and stomach acid bile. The worry was that my cancer had spread. The first episode lasted for about four days and the Registrar on call put a tube up my nose down into my stomach. After some days later, it was removed. After a some days later, I started projectile vomiting again and the tube we inserted again. This lasted for a few days. as the staff were trying to get me to go for an endoscopy and colonoscopy. Ithere were no free appointments free. I did manage the colonoscopy with 30 mins notice, which the couldn't carry out as I was not 'clear'.

I spent Some weeks in the Cardiac unit under the care for the elderly team and they passed my over to the Surgery team who after some more weeks transferred my to Chepstow Hospital  At Chepstow I saw a Urologist, was treated for my MRSA but still have moisture leisions on my backside. 

How can I get my discharge letter admission to be changed from rehabilitation to Sepsis UTI?