"Constant poor treatment"

About: Wensum Valley Medical Practice

From first appointment I wasn't listened to and doctor didn't put my medication on repeat. Reception staff are often rude and aggressive, meaning I don't always feel comfortable calling due to poor mental health. I was told I had been referred to a specialist unit for one issue, but despite 4 further appointments due to the pain I was in, the referral was not done until after I complained to practice manager. I was also not referred for an essential swab, despite repeatedly advising doctors of specific issues. Not given MRI results in timely fashion despite them being weeks overdue and me chasing twice, and results of MRI not adequately explained so I am now even more anxious about what is wrong.

The general attitude of the doctors is very poor (I have seen at least 6), they all seem to only be capable in certain areas and clueless about others. Only one person really tried to help and she wasnt even a doctor. I strongly feel that this consistent poor care is extending my poor health. I am unable to work and am having to spend over half my weekly income on pain relief, as meds not working well but still being refused other options or pain clinic referral, which I have been given conflicting information about. Yesterday, the doctor suggested I go private!

I am pretty much at the end of my tether

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