"Wonderful care."

About: Wycombe Hospital / General surgery

After leaving hospital after a five day stay to have part of my bowel removed due to bowel cancer, I would like to say the care I received in intensive care and ward 12a was outstanding. The kindness and consideration from everyone who looked after me was exceptional. They were all incredible and I would like to thank every one of them.

But unfortunately I have one negative – when discharged I had to wait over five hours for my drugs to take home with me to arrive from the pharmacy, even the ward nurses kept phoning down to see where they had got to. It meant after being discharged around midday, it was six before I was on my way home feeling extremely tired. As I know this isn’t unusual I can only suggest more staff are required in the pharmacy department, but this doesn’t distract from the wonderful care I received at the hospital. Thank you.

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