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After being transferred to Patience 2 following botox injections into my bladder under General anaesthetic I recovered for a few hours. My CPN came to collect me a few hours later and we asked about follow up care regarding my intermittent catheterization. We were informed by the nurse looking after me that I would not need to catheterise myself following the botox and that this was not at all to be expected following my kind of surgery. This was in complete contradiction to what my consultant had told me prior to my operation. We were also told by the discharging nurse that I would be seen in clinic 4 months later,for a top up of my botox if needed, again this was in contradiction to information prior to my operation. I was discharged home without a discharge letter but given the ward telephone number. 

Today I phoned the urology department directly and discussed my aftercare at length with them. Catheterising following the botox is inevitable and to be expected multiple times a day. Furthermore, it is essential to prevent serious infections and retention. I need to be followed up in clinic in 2 weeks time to perform a bladder scan to confirm how many times a day I must catheterise myself. Also, no 'top up' was to be given in 4 months time but rather once the botox wears off in 9-12 months time. Furthermore the referral for further supplies of catheters once at home was not completed by the ward therefore potentially leaving me at risk of retention over the weekend. This had to be completed by the urology department when I visited to pick up emergency supplies today.

Overall, very concerning that the ward providing care to urology patients could misinform me so badly!


Response from Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust - City Campus

I'm deeply sorry to hear of your concerns. Please contact our Patient Experience Team on 0115 924 9924 ext 66623 so that this can be looked into.

Kind regards

Joanne Gough

Ward Manager, Patience 2