About: South Tyneside District Hospital

What I liked

Nothing apart from the student midwife at the time who helped me deliver my daughter

What could be improved

Nearly everything from having to walk through a cloud of smokers while in labour to get throught to the delivery suite....The midwifes not belieing me when I said my waters had gona and I was having contractions...the midiwfes that mocked me for having a severe needle phobia...The midwife that didn't read my notes that I was allergic to codine and STILL gave me codine... not helping me but more coming in to comment when I was doing fine told to be quiet while all the midwifes laughing and joking eating outside....Told to lie on my back for delivery as it was easier for the midwifes...

When on mat ward being SHOUTED at for trying to breastfeed over night as i hadn't told "them" AWFUL breakfast for women who have just given birth some warm milk cereal and bread buns...even worse dinner...fell asleep with baby in arms could have rolled on her and killed her no one checked...shouted at for using baby wipes then shouted at for using too much cotton wool..The woman across to me praised for smoking as she was getting exercise "unlike me"...AWFUL EXPERIENCE pregnant again and have been transferred to the RVI much nicer and non patronising also lovely decor unlike STH who are more interested in smoking shelters than doing out maternity dep and also seemed to be worried to "offend smokers"

Anything else?

Sth I do not recommend it everything there is depressing the decor..the staff or either miserable and patronising or just don't seem to be interested...get treat like cattle at a market and "just another pregnant woman" if you ring up if your worried they talk to you like your a hypochondriact...

Money seems to be going to pointless things like a smoking shelter (at the end of the maternity unit may I add) and redoing the entrances of the hospital!Instead of things like nicer birthing rooms (i was ready to kill myself looking at that awful yellow wallpaper and clock) or even a birthing center...STH is NOT for natural birth at all the theme seems to be hurry up and get it out and go home.....

Story from nhs.uk