"Disappointed in the hospital due to the..."

About: Queen's Hospital (Romford)

What I liked

The Doctors and some of the Midwives were very good and communicated well

My wife was 35 weeks pregnant and was having some itching, we went to our normal check at King Georges. The consultant said she needed to have some blood tests and depending on the results may need some tablets and would need to go to Queens the next day.

My wife arrived at Queens in the moring (around1000) and was told the blood results were not ready and told to call back.

When she called back, she was told one of her results was abnormal and would need to see a doctor after they reviewed them. She got to Queens at 1700 and waited ... until 2100 to see a Doctor.

The doctor was very nice and very good, commuicating very well explaining that they would need to take more blood and she would need to be reviewed a bit more regularly and would need to start taking tablets.

What could be improved

Two days later my wife started to feel some pains in her stomach and went to the hospital at 2230, we were seen at 0000 by the doctor who suggested she stay overnight.

This is where we lost confidence in the hospital.

The nurse was told to take some more blood - this nurse was not very polite and not very good at taking blood.

We were then sent around to the Pre-natal ward and I left my wife there overnight whilst she and baby were being monitored.

The next day she waited around until 1000 to see the doctor who was quite confusing and then was told she needed to wait for her new blood results...

The nurses and the Midwives did not check the blood results until 1700 - We had asked them repeatedly during the day what the results were but they just kept telling us they were finding out. It seemed to us that the nurses were just at their station not doing anything.

At 1700 when they did check they found that the Lab had not received the samples..... No-one apologised for not checking earlier.

More blood was taken and the doctor checked my wife at 1800.

The doctor would have checked on my wife earlier but they could not find a light to do so.

When I asked why we were still in Hospital the nurses and the midwives told us we had to wait for the blood results before we could go because if they are not right my wife could be induced ---

If the blood results were that important why did they wait till 1700 to check them?

Anything else?

When the shift switched the blood results came at 2200 after the midwife checked them.

My wife then had to stay in another night - we dont know why and when we saw the doctor the next day (at 1300) she didn't know why either.

On this day the midwife was brilliant - organising scans and test for my wife.

My wife then went home that day.

Myself and my wife left feeling disappointed in the hospital because of one day where the staff seemed not to care in doing their job.

The lady opposite us was due to be induced that day and was told to ring up in the morning to see if they had a bed - they rang and were told there was a bed.

They arrived at 0900 - but did not get a bed until 1800.

This lady was diabetic and did not get any food and brought her own mid morning.

She was told that she was on the top of the waiting list for a bed but 2 other ladies were taken in before her.

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