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My wife is due to have a baby at the royal bolton, however i am greatly concern with the level of ante natal care she has received, whilst i fully understand that NHS staff particually midwifes are put under agreat deal of pressure and stress i find no excuse to warrant the level of care i feel she has recieved thus far.

Her first visit with the midwife at the GP was a lovely one she was put at ease following her concerns having recently misscarried the seconed visit was some what laccking in sence she had her first scan at 12 weeks and was called in for her ante natal with a midwife whom didnt seem to know what she was doing, the midwife kept referring to my wife by another name despite having the note infront of her and being corrected several times. the appointment left both of us very confused My wife was given date for growth scans due to her weight. however when we had an appointment card sent through the post she yet again had her name wrong and had even put the wrong dates on the card.

we put it down to her being busy and run of her feet and let matters lie however on her next visit to clinic she saw a doctor whos name i dont know this was a quick visit his attiude was poor and he did not answer properly any of her questions. for example a simple quiestion regarding the supply of milk to newborn babies. we had heard that milk was no longer provided so naturally we needed to confirm this as with only 2 months to go at this stage we wanted to make sure we was prepared for everything. so my wife asked the doctor who obviously didnt know but instead of finding out simply said "you have a long way to go yet dont worry about it" Follows on below

Anything else?

Now i come to my wifes most recent visit which was 2 weeks later and a matter of five days ago we saw a doctor following the grow scan who took my wifes urine sample and said it was fine and clear at the previous appointment at the gp (protien and gluose was found) my wife raised the issue of her feet being very highly swollen the doctor said i will explain this after your blood presure has been taken the macine showed this as very high for a pregnant lady being 151/106 my wife was not stressed or worked up but was actually relaxed and calm she was sent to the ANDU for a BP profile where they did another urine sample and this time Protien was found. she was kept waiting for blood test results and urine results for over 5 hours an no explination as to what was worng if anything even though from previous experience i could see she was showing signs of pre-eclampsia we left that day still not kowing if anything was wrong or not and was told that the urine test results were not back and that they would be sent up to M2 who would call us when they came in. i had to call the ward who siad they was going to ring monday but dont give results out over the phone the result show that something was elevated but within normal paramiters (what ever that means) she is back today at andu and having another profile so we are awaiting the results. this is my wife first child but my 4th and i have to say the attitude of the staff towards us both is hap hazzard and shows a lack of respect to us both in general and leaves me with concerns for the wellfare of my wife and unborn child

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