"Admin and incoming and outgoing..."

What I liked

The consultant I saw with my 3 year old was very good and she gave me hope that his problem would be sorted within a decent time frame.

What could be improved

The Understanding of the word urgent.

Anything else?

My GP refered my son to Dorking in January 2011. We eventualy got an appointment for 14th April to see a consultant, who assured me that things would now get rolling starting with a hearing test. My 3 yr old son was sent a hearing test appointment for the 8th September 2011. I rang up as I did not find this acceptable as the concultant wanted to see my son again in 3 months. It is now 30th June and I have not yet had a new hearing test appointment which has been refered to another hospital on the 1st June marked urgent. I do not think that sorting out my son's hearing in more than 7 months is acceptable. How many more months will this go on for. I wish I had taken up my father's offer in January to go private.

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