"The actual surgery and stay in hospital..."

About: St Mary's Hospital (Newport)

What I liked

The consultant. Smart lady.

The ward staff. Kind and engaging.

The anaesthetist. Listened to my concerns and offered choices to suit me, and a pre-med when requested.

I was offered a side room when I mentioned how anxious I was feeling about being in the open ward.

The food. I thought it was fine, not piping hot but then it's a big place. Remembering that it's a hospital and not a restaurant I would say there was a good enough choice on the menu and I didn't experience any reason to grumble.

What could be improved

The pre-surgery information. It's not written from the patient's perspective. I found information on line and that worked well for me. I'd be keen to help put together a pack for future patients now I know what I know....

Car parking - at certain times of day the car parks are over subscribed. Best get someone to drop you off unless your appointment is an early one.

Aftercare. I was sent home after two days with a bag of injections, one a day for 5 days. I coped/did it myself, but don't think this would be suitable for everyone.

The last doctor I saw ignored my questions and abruptly left the room for about five of the ten minutes I was in there (without explaining where she was going) . Although the appointment lasted effectively only 5 minutes, in her follow up report to my GP she stated that she'd had a "long discussion" with me, which certainly was not my experience of it. In fact it was very difficult trying to converse with her because I could not understand her accent. I'm bemused...

Anything else?

Please get rid of the landscaped gardens and build adequate car park spaces.

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