About: Burnley General Hospital

What I liked

The nursing staff were very nice and helpful as was the receptionist in x ray .

What could be improved

When I entered the fracture clinic I went to the area which displayed the specialist`s name I had an appointment with , a lady approached and said "Name" I said pardon as I didn`t hear her very well to which the reply was "Name" , I gave her my name to which she said "Address" I gave her this , at which point she looked at me as though I was something she had "Stepped in ".She then said "Take a seat ". It would have been nice to have a "hello, please or thank you ". The impression I got from this lady was that I was an inconvenience and should be grateful she was there to serve me ! So all in all it was not a very nice experience . I have no complaints after this , the lady in x ray was very nice together with the nurses I came into contact with. Not having been to a hospital for a number of years I now understand why some people moan about the NHS, which is a shame as one person has let the who hospital down . So I say to Burnley General Hospital , " I am sorry for the inconvenience of visiting for my appointment today ". !

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