"Not A Good Place To Be If You Are Ill"

About: Queen Alexandra Hospital

What I liked

When i was told i could go home!!

What could be improved

The staffs were utterly useless. On many occasions they lost my drugs chart and left my in severe pain for hours even after buzzing the nurses and repeated asking. they pumped me full of morphine then said the reason I was ill was because I was constipated from the medication and sent me home to be seen by a doctor, this was in Oct 2010 and I am still ill and in pain from the same problem and have been having procedures that I should have had in hospital and maybe I would be better or at least on my way to recovery. The staff were miserable and often suggested I was making up the pain and wouldn’t give me the medication that had been request by the doctors and surgeons themselves. I spent 3 days bed confined as I waited for surgical consult, 3 days just for that! Then spent a further 2 days still in a lot of pain being prodded and poked before they decided that I should be referred!

This has been going on far to long and I think if the hospital had pulled their finger out I could have been diagnosis and on the road to recovery much quicker, instead of 8 months later still being ill, losing my jobs as am to ill to work and losing most of my confidence and independent!

Story from nhs.uk