"i had a good experience my friend didnt,"

About: Homerton University Hospital

What I liked

I had a fantastic midwife, I did have a good birth and it wasnt too complicated,baby got distressed when he was crowning and doctors had to be called in and they did come from what i remember fairly quickly.

I had an epidural and received it maybe an hour after asking as she was busy but i am still happy with how everything went.

The after care is ok not as great as the level of care i felt when in labour but ididnt mind it was midnight by the time i got down to the recovery ward or whatever you call it but i didnt need anyone so it didnt matter.

When i got discharged in the morning things went ok , werent too smooth but it went ok, had food brought , had a lady come around asking about photos for the new baby, think i had a m/w pop in and ask about bf but i didnt need assitance as i had my mum after the birth ,

What could be improved

Hmm maybe the selction of sandwhiches after labour, (you get given a cup of tea and sandwhich for energy) had pickle and cheese something and it was foul would of prefered something plain like bread butter ham but this really is nick picking lol,

oooh but the waiting times in antenatal are quite shocking andwould wait on avg an hour ometimeneraly 2 for my app even if half and hour ealry

Anything else?

I have a good experience but i also know my friend gave birth the week before me at homerton and on the weekend / sunday they were absolutely packed, they even turned people away,

my friends level of care wasnt very good but they were over streched and she had a complicated birth with lots of blood loss, the aftr care for her wasnt very good afterwards either and she got discharged earlier than she should of given what happened during birth,

So i guess it is really luck of the draw how busy the ward will be , how much man power they have etc but i think this is like any other hospital, all i can say though is the labour ward was clean and if i still lived close id use this hospital again.

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