"Awful experience in ward 20"

About: Wexham Park Hospital

What I liked

Side room. Clean ward.

What could be improved

Reading the review of ward 20 by a patient in May, I think the young girl referred to may be my daughter who was there for four days. The staff were:

- Negligent (e.g: no wrist band for over 24 hours)

- Judgemental (e.g: told by one member of staff that she was 'shocked' that my daughter was pregnant, and that in their country she 'would have been killed')

- Patronising (e.g: my daughter was told by one doctor that if she was not happy she would make her parents sad, and that she should try reading to distract herself...)

- Inconsistent (e.g: told day one that she definitely did not have a specific medical condition, told day two that she definitely did have this medical condition, discharge letter said she had a totally different medical condition - which she had been given 100% all clear on in the ward, whereas her medical records show another medical condition and no reference to the medical diagnosis given on day two)

-Inappropriate actions expected of a young patient (e.g: when medications not given as written up, my daughter was told by a nurse that they had 'patients who are seriously ill to look after' and so my daughter should take responsibility for monitoring her own pain relief and ask for her medication - despite the nurses not being clear about what/when meds should be taken)

- Trivialised her pain (e.g: my daughter was admitted with excruciating pain, but constantly had pain referred to by staff as 'a bit of pain', no matter how much she told them that it was not ‘a bit’ of pain, but severe enough to have kept her at home for four weeks)

- Lack of follow through (e.g: my daughter was underweight and losing weight and told to keep a food diary - never referenced)

Anything else?

I agree with all the comments made by the patient who commented on ward 20.

The ward needs a serious overhaul to ensure that patients are treated within protocol and procedural guidelines, with empathy and respect; are taken seriously; are not judged; are given professional diagnosis and appropriate medications; that medical staff behave consistently and professionally; and that there are proper communication channels in place.

When my daughter was back in A and E again a few days after being discharged, we were treated in what can only be described as an obnoxious manner by one of the doctors. Within seconds of walking into the Teen Room in A and E the doctor made it clear by their words and body language that they considered me to be a trouble maker as I had said that I did not want my daughter to go back into ward 20 after her awful and emotionally damaging experience there, and my daughter a timewaster.

Fortunately, at an out patients’ ante-natal appointment this week the doctor behaved professionally, respectfully and with empathy.

We are making a formal complaint to the hospital.

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