"labour ward brilliant, materinity ward..."

About: South Tyneside District Hospital

What I liked

the labour ward was fantastic. the midwives were great and i had a say in my care. we were brought tea and coffe and a food box on arrival and tea and toast after our daughter was born

What could be improved

communication between midwives on the maternity ward could have been better

Anything else?

i had my first cild at this hospital. the labour ward where i had my daughter was fantastic, our room was clean and the midwives involved with my daughters birth were helpful and let me decide what care i recieved, however once having my baby i got off the labour ward at 5.30am and was taken to the materinty ward. my partner was sent away abruptly which upset me as i was very tired with a newborn baby in an unknown place. visiting hours for the partners are poor, twice aday. i think the partner should be allowed to stay with partner and baby all day if disired. food portions were like something youd give to a 2 year lod, i was constantly hungry and had barely any strength to try and breast feed. i ahd all my tests and was waiting to go home, me and my baby were dressed, packed and waiting with partner to be discharged. after hours of waiting i went to to midwife office and asked wht was going on. they accussed me of not feeding my baby as a midwife from the previous shift had not written in my notes that she had seen me breast feed. i was forced to stay another night against my will. i got told id have one on one help....but was sat on a ward on my own as everyone else had gone home. the midwives didnt come to see me and i could hear them laughing and chatting loudly down the hall. i missed my tea waiting to be discharged so was hungry. i took my daughter foe a walk up the corridoor as she had hiccups after feeding when a midwife approached i told her id fed my baby, she took no notice and shuffled me abck to bed and said the baby would settle itself. i would choose to have a baby here again, but if i had no choice id bottle feed instead.

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