"QMC spinal - I walked in and left in a..."

About: Nottingham University NHS Trust - Queen's Medical Centre Campus

What I liked

There was not much to like - the staff seemed ok at first but after 2-3 weeks of admission you start to see a very different side to people.

The one member of staff that was very good was the Occupational Therapist.

What could be improved

I was admitted to QMC in Sept 2009 for a 'simple' par fracture repair. Prior to the surgery I had suffered chronic pain but was able to mobilize. Following my surgery I was unable to walk!! The consultants involved said that they could not find a cause for this and stated that it may be psychological and so I asked for a psych assessment - which was fine. A nurse at the hospital told me that I was given an epidural, which I cannot have, however this has been denied repeatedly. I was discharged in a wheelchair after 10 weeks with no follow up appointments or any treatment. I later made a complaint using the QMC complaint proceedures; after several weeks I recieved a response. The response stated that the consultant involved denied pretty much everything and that they hoped all the issues were now addressed; it also stated that I had a hysterectomy which I never had! I wrote back to the trust with issues that were outstanding. I am still waiting for a response nearly 2 years later - despite having the health ombudsman and advocacy involved - apparently they cancelled the complaint due to my recent pregnancy - also lies!

My GP wrote to ask for my discharge letters, these were received last August. I did not have a follow up appointment until last Sept, to be told that my new consultant is leaving and would transfer me to someone else. I was seen in Feb this year and new scans have been done but have just been told that it will be another 3 months until I am seen.

I know that some patients have had really positive experiences here but I would advise others to be cautious. I understand that mistakes can happen, but I feel that people should learn from these and at least be honest with their patients so that things can be rectified. I am now trying to seek a private consultation as my condition is getting worse again and I cannot wait another 3 months to be seen.

Anything else?

The consultants are not always what they appear to be ... I have accessed my medical file and am disgusted at the false information documented. Records of examinations that did not take place, hysterectomy that didn't happen either and personal opinions of the doctors.

The complaints procedure is just as bad and cannot be escilated to the ombudsman until a final response is recieved. Mine has been 2 years so far - perhaps because you only have 3 yrs to bring a claim??

Well, actually its 3 yrs from the date you knew there was a problem.

Good luck to all using this service - I hope that you have a better experience.

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