"What a superb Hospital, keep it up, you..."

About: Frimley Park Hospital (Frimley)

What I liked

After spending a few hours in the crisis part of A&E I was moved to the Acute Dependancy Unit. Having lost lots of blood and been given a tranfusion I was constantly monitored by the team there and despite the fact they are clearly very busy people I felt safe and that I would recieve help any time I required it.

I would particularly like to thank and congratulate the nurse assigned to me. Although I was in an isolated room she was very attentive despite obviously having other patients to deal with aswell. Everytime she visited me to carry out tests and the other services they provide, she has a fantastic bedside manner, talking to me, making me feel at home and special and mostly relaxed and safe when I was seriously ill.

This is not to degrade any other member of the team as they all introduced themselves to me (obviously given my condition I can't remember them all) and reassured me and left me feeling safe.

To point out one other exception nurse was a lady who although not my nurse would frequently knock on my window and with a smile, wave at me. This is the sort of touch that takes no time or effort but when you feel isolated and scared makes a world of difference and I'm sure if you feel cared for and at ease is must improve your chances of recovery.

I was after 2 days moved to ward F9 where I found the staff worked well as a team and I felt I recieved excellent service there aswell although this was less of an important stage.

I understand that the NHS has to work to a tight budget but I was most impressed with the food served to me everyday. I was given a choice so there was always something I knew I would like to eat and the food was nutritious, varied. tasty and in the right proportions. As a result I have kept all of the menu sheets that turn up with my meals as an inspiration for cooking for myself at home. Well done all.

What could be improved

The only critisism I have is when I was in A&E I expressed the pain I was in (and as a patient who before has experienced extreme pain) I was very dissappointed when after explaining to the staff that only Morphine has relieved me of this pain (yet still allow me to converse sensibly with staff), I heard a member of staff say "no just give him 2.5mg." The result of this is that I continued to be in extreme pain. If the member of staff had even asked me why I thought this was necessary or referred to previous notes instead of presuming that I was out for a "cheap high" I'm sure I would have been far more comfortable.

I do understand there is a concern about the use of Morphine but instead of presuming and leaving me in pain, a quick conversation might have set her professional mind at ease and relieved me of a lot of pain.

Anything else?

Having been to Frimley Park before I made a point of asking the Paramedics to take me there as it is such a good hospital with staff who really can't do enough for you given their workload. Unfortunately, because of the building works going on at the moment it was not clear to the Paramedics where to drop me off as they were obviously not tied to any given hospital. Perhaps a sign to show Emergency Ambulances where to go would be a good idea.

On the whole, what a superb Hospital, keep it up, you are a credit to the NHS.

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