"Everyone was brilliant - what a shame..."

About: Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital

What I liked

The emergency staff, surgeons, anethetist, were fantastic and could not have been better when treating my 8 year old daughter who was brought in by the paramedics (also fantastic)with a badly broken arm. Please can you give specila thanks to the Paramedics.

What could be improved

Children's nurses were rude and uncaring, placing us in a ward with a baby in a cot who was crying with no blanket and hard toys all over the cot which the baby kept banging into and all of the noises/lights were going off loudly (2am in the morning!) this baby needed cuddles, soft blanket/toys... it looked cruel... it also seemed to have a dummy stuck to it's mouth! It was also thoughless of them to place my 8 year old in this room after all she had been through and she badly needed rest. When I spoke with the lady who I assume was in charge she was very rude and had a nasty manner. The theatre staff who brought us up obviously, went back to theatre and reported to someone that we were unhappy, as the nurses got a call to move my daughters bed, which they did, without any comment or apology. There were children crying for Mummy and noone answered them and there was a machine constantly going off which it turned out the next day was because it was on a baby setting and it was on a teenager. The nurses spent their time 3-4 of them behind the desk when they could have been offering TLC to the children. What a shame as all of the other hospital staff were nothing less than fabulous. I would never leave my child in their care overnight without a member of the family.

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Response from Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital 8 years ago
Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital
Submitted on 06/06/2011 at 17:17
Published on nhs.uk on 07/06/2011 at 04:00

Thank you for taking the time to write about your experience of our services. I would like to assure you that the care provided for the children on the ward at that time was clinically appropriate and fitted with their plan of care. I also appreciate that your daughter’s care and welfare was paramount to you during this time and I am sorry that staff may not have given that impression to you.

If you feel a meeting with the matron for Child Health would help address any outstanding concerns, please feel free to contact the Child Health team on 01256 314781. Mary Edwards, Chief Executive