"I am afraid I have a very negative..."

About: Lincoln County Hospital

What could be improved

I am afraid I have a very negative impression of the hospital. My father was diagnosed with cancer in February 08. His cancer consultant was rude and dismissive of my father's chances. I had him transferred to UCL and the difference was night and day - treatments denied to him in Lincoln were given in London - they did as much as they could to keep him alive. Had he remained under the care of the Lincoln cancer consultant, he would have died a lot sooner. However, in July 2009 he was admitted to hospital in order to have a scan - he was fine when he went in. He caught a hospital acquired infection and died within a week. The irony is that he did not need to be in hospital - he was waiting for a scan. Exactly why he could not have been discharged and seen in out patients for a scan in beyond me.

The bigger problem I have with the care received, however, is the fact that I felt he was neglected whilst on the ward - not only was his antibiotic medication given to him late (this is despite my having reminded the nurses at the requisite time), but toward the end of his last day alive, when his breathing became laboured, I asked for a night doctor to come see him (around 10pm). I was told a doctor had been called. No one came. By 1am, he had died.

In summary, Lincoln County is a truly great institution...if you happen to be an undertaker, that is.

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