About: Epsom Hospital

What I liked

Having previously indicated my frustrations toward the service I endured for an out-patient appointment it is only proper that I now report on a breathtaking performance enhancement. From a wait of three hours on my last visit, last week I think I was kept barely three minutes. Such was the ultra-efficient professional dynamic of the administration squad I felt almost swept off my feet. To the extent I wondered if I was mistaken for royalty. A small hunch suggests my previous comments were noted & it did feel a bit odd at the way I whisked through, avoiding the masses like somebody in possesion of an executive fast-track treatment card..

The staff have always been pleasant & this remains the case. The consultant greeted me with a warm smile & his nurse colleague was equally welcoming. I suspect there must have been a staff shortage last time & that that may have led to my being left in a void for a few hours. I was a bit flippant with the consultant due to this but wish to now offer a full & unreserved apology for my then reaction to a situation that was not his or anybody elses intentional fault.

Having now been discharged, I decided to keep my appointment card as a momento..

What could be improved

The waiting room is a corridor, which is not good.

Service was seemless. I feel bad that it may have partly been due to my complaining but at least it shows that it's worth providing feed back & that the hospital does listen.

Anything else?

I feel I could do with another appointment, as my fractured arm feels like it is clicking in a way that should not be happening. I wonder if my initial critical feed back has partly meant I may have been discharged prematurely but no point in analysing too deeply & shall just contact the Derby admin crew if the arm is still niggling next week.

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