"Never again"

About: Sunderland Royal Hospital

What I liked

Some of the staff were lovely. That's all there was to like

What could be improved

The rest of the staff were uncaring, unhelpful and unprofessional. The patient buzzers were never answered, if you asked for anything you waited for hours. They were supposed to call the family in when the patient was given any news, but my mother was told she was dying on her own. We found out two hours later following numerous calls to the ward. One nurse ran down the ward, laughing because an old lady didn't have a spoon to eat her dessert and so was eating it with her fingers - disgusting behaviour in my opinion. We brought my mother home because the care was so bad, her drip fell out and was left hanging from her arm for hours. You have more chance seeing Elvis than a doctor, and when you ask for one you are told"he is seeing really ill patients" as though your cancer stricken mother is faking it.

If she was admitted again to that ward I have no doubt she wouldn't be coming home alive

Anything else?

I hope you never have to be admitted to that ward

Story from nhs.uk