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I am not sure If my complaint fits this forum but will give it a go anyway . On the 8th of September I was put through as an urgent case by my doctor. Nobody explains to you the timescales relating to urgent are, so after a few days I rang Crawley Hosp to see if a letter with dates for Laporscopy was on its way out to me to be told that I was not on the admissions list and that was because east surrey had not done their part from the info sent from crawley . I ring east surrey to say they not got any info and transferred me to records , they transferred me back to admissions in crawley and they reffered me back to crawley . I had enough so went up to east surrey hospital to see what stage of the process I was at and letter was located and told crawley would be able to give me the info the next day of a date for admission . I rang crawley , no card sent back from East Surrey , ring east surrey to be told that with politics between the 2 hospitals had resulted in my letter being delayed in processing . I was told that east surrey used to do all the bookings but now Crawley want to do their own bookings and this was causing delays . In the end my gp sent a fax to crawley hospital and I was called the next day with the date given to me over the phone. Now I am on the second stage of this nightmare of finding information as now have had my opp and need to be refferred for hysterectomy but have actually received a letter within days telling me the date of consultation but now I want to go private and use my private insurance and when i speak to the doctor's secretary am told that my gp needs to do a letter for me to pass to bupa , when i speak to my GP am told will need to speak to the secretary . Now for test results you ring your gp and ask where the test results will go , your gp says the consultant and the consultants secretary says your gp . Having something wrong with you is not nice but to try and contend with conflicting info is not on.

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