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What could be improved

Unfortunately I can't comment on the quality of the care at this hospital, because, after waiting ages to get an appointment, 'the consultant' after 'carefully reading' my referral letter from my GP, has decided that it 'would not be appropriate' to see me in their clinic.

Now, if they have a good reason, that's all fine. But what really annoys me is that that's all the letter said. They've written to my GP with the reason, but apparently don't consider the patient themselves important or intelligent enough to give a reason to. It's so patronising! And talk about doubling up on bureaucracy in the NHS. They 'may' write to me within two weeks to offer me an appointment at another clinic - but then again, they may not. And the number of GP appointments, blood tests and scans I had to go through just to get a referral in the first place because apparently a GP can't possibly prescribe treatment for a condition that affects 10% of the female population - that would be far too specialised!

The sooner the NHS is reformed the better. People talk about 'free' healthcare in this country, but of course, we're paying for it in taxes and NI, and probably paying more than we should be because of all this nonense they go on with.

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