About: St George's Hospital (Tooting) (London)

What I liked

I was appalled at the lack of respect, thought and care for my relative and the total lack of communication to her and to us, her next of kin. Although she is suffering from a terminal illness, when asked, she confirmed that she would like treatment, ( ie fluids, scan etc).

The following day without warning all her tubes were disconnected and when she asked why she was told she was being discharged. This was the only conversation anyone had with her before the ambulance arrived to take her back to the nursing home.

No one informed us, her next of kin of this move or decision and no one explained the decision to her.

We only discovered that she had been discharged by a friend who happened to visit at the time.

How a so called caring profession could not have the courtesy to explain to the patient what is happening to her I do not know. Let alone to us her next of kin.

We will be taking this matter further.

What could be improved

Communication, care, respect and general thoughtfulness!

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