"could be better if the stuff wouldn't be..."

About: Newham General Hospital

What I liked

most of the midwives and nurses were really nice.

What could be improved

the labour ward could do with an enlargement and a total refurbishment. it's too small and very, very basic. I spent a lot of time there, because they tried to induce birth by all means. I had to be monitored around the clock because of my blood pressure and they took that really serious. I had a midwife with me all the time. the midwives (apart from one) were very caring and lovely. the problem is, that they have too much to do, they miss their lunch times and have a lot of stress.

although I had diabetes during my pregnancy and everybody kept on telling me, that I have to watch my sugar levels, I was offered only rubbish food like sandwiches. they simply didn't have other possibilities in the labour ward.

after giving birth, I had to wait very long before I was transferred to the new newborn unit (which looks really really nice). there wasn't enough space. but arriving there was a big relief, as the labour ward was hot like hell, because there's no air conditioning.

down there the nurses were even more under stress. as I complained about waiting times and confusion a very, very overworked nurse told me, she just can't help it, she has to finish everybody's discharge papers first. so, I don't want to complain about the stuff. they really tried, but they need help. they are too few.

and some of the cleaners are rude. as we know, a woman does bleed after giving birth. I was bleeding quite strong and had a little accident in my bed, only to be told by the lady changing the sheets, that I have to take care of my bed, because she can't give me fresh sheets everyday. well.

Anything else?

I was quite happy, that I am not at all nervous about being pregnant and giving birth and that I didn't have my first born in newham. I was really confident about the whole process (during pregnancy, while giving birth and with the breast feeding), so I didn't need a lot of assistance and I didn't have a lot of questions to ask. I was happy to be left to do it my way. I guess I was a relief for the midwives. I didn't even ask for painkillers.

so, if you're like me, don't worry, but if you're a bit anxious, nervous and helpless, look for a different place to give birth.

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