"Medicals good. Doctor's grasp of UK name..."

About: Sir Robert Peel Hospital

What I liked

Medical service good.

What could be improved

1. The doctor's apparent grasp of UK name convention not so good (leading to concerns about what else may be subject to different cultures/knowledge). I was called in as "andrew Williams" - and only went in after another patient (also called "Williams") was rejected as having wrong address and DoB. The doctor looked for my details on computer screen as "Andrew Williams" - despite my advising them my name was "David Williams".

Having exhausted the "Andrew Williams" list - they asked me what my surname was (i.e. "Williams") and what my first name was (i.e. "David") - it appeared they did not know the UK convention of names. I was clearly listed as "David Andrew WIlliams" - so why they should have that problem - and why a nurse didn't correct them - I do not know.

2. The doctor completed a Physio form for me to take to book Physio sessions. They had ticked the first box "1-6 weeks" under a heading which I think was something along the lines of "Duration of Ailment". I had not seen my GP until the ailment had lasted for well over 8 weeks - and there was a 3 week period between the GP meeting and Consultant meeting (my earlier email of today - if you received it - incorrectly referred to "4 to 6 week"). So for the sake of accuracy (bearing in mind I was not asked the question), if my recollection of the Physio form is correct, please amend that box to reflect that the ailment has been sustained for over 12 weeks in total.

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