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About: The Cheshire & Merseyside NHS Treatment Centre

What I liked

I had my second knee replacement here in February 2011 and my first one the previous year in April. I chose this hospital specifically because it has a zero rating for transmittable infections such as MRSA and my nearest hospitals in Cheshire have some of the worst ratings in the country. They have such a good record because they not only keep everything exceptionally clean, but they are very careful to ensure that their patients are free of infections too. I was horrified to learn that the are being closed down !

This is an amazing hospital and as I couldnt afford to go private it was wonderful that I could have the same treatment and care here, on the NHS. It took only 6 weeks to get a referral to this hospital and on seeing the surgeon only a further 6 weeks for an operation date.

The doctors, nurses and physiotherapists were all very professional and caring and the cleaners were on the wards every day. The food was really good and we had a very healthy selection.

We have follow up appointments at 3 weeks with the physiotherapists, who are the law around the hospital and no patient leaves without their say so ! Then at 6 weeks with your surgeon and again at 6 months and a year. They have a 24 hour phone line for patients to ring after their operations when they are at home, if they have any concerns or worries.Before your operation you see the physiotherapists who make sure that everything is in place at your home and you have any necessary equipment to help you in your recovery. Appointments are made with your local physiotherapists to ensure you have help in your rehabilitation.


What could be improved


Anything else?

I cannot for the life of me understand how anyone could see this hospital as anything other than a flagship for all hospitals to copy. This hospital treats 6000 patients a year which is over and above their quota. If they suceed in closing this hospital down, then they will not only be taking the first choice away from thousands of local NHS patients, but further burdening the other hospitals in the area, who are struggling to keep their waiting lists down.

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