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Communication between staff and patients, a 93yr old lady who'd had her leg off was completely ignored by staff walking past the end of her bed as she was saying "nurse, nurse", after listening to her for at least 10 minutes I rang my buzzer for her and my buzzer was answered 15 minutes later - I told staff that I was buzzing for the elderly lady opposite me as they had ignored her. She needed to use the toilet.

My medication had not been ordered from pharmacy.

Volunteer with drinks trolley bit the tops off coffee and sugar sachets.

Night staff extremely noisy chatting and laughing all night then day staff sarcastic because I was sleeping in the day - the medication I was on made me sleepy and I had little chance of an undisturbed night. I recorded them one night with my phone.

Food was diabolical. I took a picture of the one meal I was offered during my stay - needless to say I didnt eat it.

Nurses chatting over bed making about the cuts and how they were affected.

Being offered a nappy after I asked for some sanitary wear as I unexpectedly started bleeding, then being offered a big square surgical swab and told "that'll do wont it"

Anything else?

After my consultant said I could go home the day staff told me to get dressed and said I had to move to the 'Patients Lounge', this was a room with just chairs around the sides and a dirty food spilled dining table in the middle, no TV, no magazines, nothing. After 1hr 15 minutes in this room I went back to the nurses station and asked if they could check on my medication from pharmacy as I was in pain and had not taken the pain relief tablets prescribed because they made me sleepy and I had to travel home to Pontefract on the Patient/Visitor Shuttle Bus. I was told by a nurse that as soon as my meds came I would be given them and could go - I went back to the lounge. Another hour later and in extreme pain I again asked them to check on my meds and asked them if it was anything I could get from my own GP, as I could have rung and got a prescription myself, I was told it was nothing I could get from my GP. Then, after asking them to ring pharmacy it was found out that my prescription had not even been ordered and that I had been sat in the patients loung waiting for more than 2 hours in pain for nothing! I was furious especially when I found out I had indeed been waiting for paracetamol and tramadol - both of which I could get from my GP! this is absolutely outrageous patient care - disgusting - i was by this time in further pain and had yet to find the bus stop and wait for the shuttle bus. I went downstairs to the information desk and asked where the bus top was and was given the wrong information, I walked back to the information desk and asked the other female on the desk where I could get the bus and she gave me the right information - they were sat next to each other!

I left my bed and entered the Patients Lounge at 1.30pm and finally made it home, with no medication, at 5.50pm. This is a disgrace and never again by choice will I come to Pinderfields.

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Response from Pinderfields General Hospital 9 years ago
Pinderfields General Hospital
Submitted on 05/04/2011 at 09:54
Published on nhs.uk on 17/04/2011 at 10:52

We are concerned to note these comments and would invite the patient to contact us directly on 01924 543687 in order that we may address the concerns.

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