"i never want to have to repeat this..."

About: The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (King's Lynn)

What I liked

the a & e staff were very good, attentive, fast & i felt worked efficient & well i had no problems with this department

What could be improved

the mau depatment i was disgusted with my disabled son was admitted for a chest infection, from the very start his needs were not met he was given a normal bed even after i had explained that we needed a bed close to the floor to ensure he did not fall out, only 1 lot of iv paracetamol was given & i had to ask for it even though a & e had instructed it to be given, the rest of the time i gave it to him myself in tablet form from my handbag as no more was offered. no water jug/glass was left but a nurse did advise to keep him well hydrated, my husband & i changed his bed when he wet it sheets were given but then the nurse walked away, iv antibiotics were hours late no iv fluids except a single 500ml bag was given & we were basicaly left to our own devises in a side ward, no one came to our call button so my mother had to fetch a nurse to help when my son partialy pulled out a canular whilst having some myoclonic jerks, we had to have 4 canular renewals & waited hours for them to be put in. obs were not done even though being in mau for 9 hours, medication records were not filled in untill i asked for them to be done & this was after being in mau for almost 10 hours even when this was done no amounts were put on this was picked up & ammended later, we were not even given another chair to sit on even though 2 of us were constantly with him

Anything else?

my son is mentaly & physicaly disabled he responds like a baby of 9-24 months, the care he recieved whist in mau was disgusting he is a person like the rest of us & deserves to be treated with the respect that everyone else gets but it was like stepping back a few decades i had to ask & chase everything time & time again & it was not until i made it known that i was considering making a complaint that things changed this is totaly out of order & should never of happened

i am quite sure my son is not the 1st person to be treated in mau with special needs we were not introduced to a special needs nurse & almost no consideration was given to my son, me or my husband, we as most carers need just a little consideration & few changes to ensure our visit runs as smooth as possible, safety beds so the patient cannot hurt themselves, the careers staying need something like a spare mattress to sleep on we had a couple of hard chairs we cat napped on even though in for 3 days

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