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"Staying with a friend I was admitted to..."

About: Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

What I liked

Staying with a friend I was admitted to Glouc Royal approx 02.00 hrs 12.10.10. The amb took me to A & E, then I was taken to Acute Admission's & later in the day to a permanent ward, but not told I was being moved or why until I questioned it & having been told I would be going home. I was put in ward 7a which was absolutely disgusting. Flowers (not allowed and sign's up) in a patient drinking water jug was knocked over during the night & when I woke in the morn it was like a river under my bed & I could have had a nasty accident. I slipped on water by my locker and was told by a night nurse going off duty there was nothing there, put paper down and picked it up later saying it was dry when infact you could see the water on it. Faeces on the floor of the toilet but when I told someone they said it would be dealt with not even looking and this lady was very rude. Later when the sister and a nurse went by I asked if it had been cleaned they looked & it hadn't so the nurse did it. After the water episode on the thursday I was very upset in the toilet washing & the night and day sister's came in to talk to me about it, they were very nice but I just couldn't believe how bad the hospital was against my local B'mth and Poole hosps. Another incident was when a nurse was doing medication and it says on the side of the trolley do not distract the nurse while dealing out medication. A trainee nurse sat across chair's at the end of the ward reading the welcome book and laughing at what was written, the medication nurse laughing at her & kept forgetting what she was doing, asking if she had given people their medication & if she had given them all of it. People who aren't quite with it wouldn't know if they had the right med's or not. I took mine in with me & gave to the A & E doc but they never reached my ward so 1st night in 7a I didn't get my med's as they were lost & they didn't have any. My med's turned up with the pharmacist wed aft! I hope I never go near it again

What could be improved

Hygiene making sure toilet's are clean at all time's especially when told of the serious problem, staff attitude no need to be rude when like myself being frightened of being in there anyway and I wasn't rude to them, consultation as to what is happening and why, and not telling people they are going home to later be told they are not, which happened to myself and other patient's on the ward causing distress. Making sure staff are working and especially NOT distracting the nurse handing out medication, this did only happen with one nurse, the other's did do the job alone and if anyone went to them they asked them to leave them. The whole place need's a big shake up and sorting out. I didn't have a welcome book and didn't even know where the toilet was until I asked and the day I went home found out there were 2 more toilet's and shower's but nobody had told me anything about the hospital and where thing's were, and myself being in an area I don't live in and a hospital I had never been in before, not even knowing where the hospital was situated.

Anything else?

Just that I was so pleased to leave and I do hope that these comment's especially Hygiene and rudeness are dealt with as urgent please. I couldn't help being taken to hospital and the last thing I wanted was someone being rude to me being frightened. The first morning a lady took my crockery and cutlery, everyone's cup's except my coffee cup. I called the lady thinking she had missed it and she looked and ignored me. The patient next to me called her and she shouted 'It doesn't work like that' and my cup was left there until the next drink's came round. On my last day, the thursday, a nurse was going off duty and saw my coffee cup and took it apologizing that it hadn't been taken, why are these people so rude and surely this must stop. logo
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