"Worries over delay in diagnosing chest infection"

About: Kingston Hospital

(as the patient),

After going to my doctor with a high fever i got diagnosed with the flu, thats good i thought. I know whats wrong with me even though i thought the flu came with sneezing a blocked up nose. Later that day i woke up with a tremendous pain in my chest when i breathed. Not being one to panic i put it down to a weird sleeping angle on the sofa but it carried on and i went back to the GP 5 days later to have it checked out. They gave me a prescription of antibiotics and cough mixture so i wouldnt cough and cause myself more pain. They also said go to the local hospital and get your chest xrayed. Since my GP hadnt said anything about why my chest was hurting when i breathed and coughed i put my faith that the people at the hospital taking my X-ray would put a light on it. Not so, "the results will be with your GP in 7-10 days". I was in pain at the moment, and would have liked to know if it was anything i could do to ensure it didnt get worse, but since no one had told me what i could be suffering from I carried on as normal, taking the prescribed medicine. The pain stayed, and after 3 days of antibiotics and over a week of pain i decided go to A&E. After all it was too late in the day to call my GP and hope to get an appointment that day (10am) and i wasnt going to wait over the weekend.

At A&E things seemed to go better, they took my blood test, checked my heart and by blood oxygen and I was very happy how they wanted to make sure I was ok, until they said go and get a chest xray. Alone in a gown, so everyone could see my bare back I walked over, and got turned away. "We took your xray a few days ago, go back to the nurse that was looking at you" I tried to find her and the room I was in, but had no idea where that was so i went back to the A&E waiting area. After 10mins i decided to tell the reception what was happening and they sent out a call. After another 10 mins a doctor came and told me to get a chest xray, I explained they refused me and he took me over and said I needed one. One got taken and he sat me down and said. "You only have a chest infection, you have no reason to be in A&E" I finally know why i was in pain, but i got left to feel like i was wasting their time. I never asked for an xray but somehow I felt it was my fault for going back to them to get another one. When the GP fails in diagnosing and prescribing medicine that works, where do I go? Obviously not A&E. They should realise that patients have feelings and worries and pains when breathing that doesnt go away with prescribed medication is something someone may feel worth going to A&E about. I'm worried should I ever need to go there again, since I dont know if I really need to, but I guess they will tell me if Im wasting their time again.

The staff can be lovely but they should all realise patients come when they are worried, they need to be reassured that they are doing the right thing in wanted to look after themselves, not like they are just more needless work.

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