"Unpleasant experience with registrar at otherwise good Gynae Clinic A - St Georges, Tooting"

About: St George's Hospital (Tooting) / Gynaecology

(as the patient),

My experience was not very good at Gynae Clinic A. First of all it was not signposted - when I made it there (following signs for outpatients) there was no receptionist at the desk. The nurses at the other desk told me to wait. When the receptionist appeared, I was told to take my notes and go to another reception. Here I waited, then I was weighed, measured and had my blood pressure taken.

Then I was given a foil bowl in a paper bag and told to provide a urine sample. This involved walking past lots of other patients to the loo, filling the container, then trying to walk back past other patients without it spilling while holding it in a paper bag. I then had to find someone to tell me what to do with it. It was rather embarassing.

After a short wait a junior doctor asked me a series of questions - she was very nice. I then waited to be seen by the Specialist Registrar. I know she was a doctor from her badge - she didn't introduce herself. She read my notes while I sat in front of her, and then examined me. While I was getting dressed she disappeared off to talk to the consultant because she wasn't sure what to do. I would like to have gone with, or at least know what she was asking the consultant about, but couldn't as she went while I was dressing behind a curtain. After a wait she came back and told me I needed further tests.

I was really confused about what would happen next, and asked questions. The Specialist Registrar made me feel that I was asking stupid questions, and that all the answers were obvious. I'm still not sure what I should be doing before my next tests, so I'm going to have to book a GP appointment and hope that my GP either knows or can find out.

I was told to go out to reception (I asked which, but didn't get an answer) to book a scan, and get a blood test. I had to wait 1 1/2 hours for the blood test - if someone had told me earlier that I would need one I would have taken a ticket and got in the queue earlier. Booking the scan was easy (though in a different place) and the lady was very nice and efficient. The phlebotomist (once I got to see her) was also lovely and good at her job.

I felt everyone (except the Specialist Registrar) was helpful and doing their best. But that one person made me feel that the whole experience was unpleasant. And the systems (having to carry a bowl of urine with no lid past lots of people, such a long wait for the blood test) could be a lot better.

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