"Appointments system needs improving"

About: Frenchay Hospital

I had a breast reconstruction (after cancer) in April 2014, and have had some problems with the appointments system. 1. I turned up for a follow up appointment shortly after my op only to find it had been cancelled and no-one had phoned or written to me to tell me. Luckily the nurse made time to see me anyway, because they had asked them to book this additional follow up appointment in the first place because I was having some problems with a possible infection at my surgery site. They commented that they were double- or even triple- booked all of that day as more than one patient had been booked into the same time slots. 2. I had another follow up appointment with the surgeon in June 2014, where they dictated a letter for my file saying they wanted to see me again in 6 months. By March 2015 I still hadn't had a letter or phone call with this appointment so I phoned their PA to find out what was happening (thinking that perhaps I was mistaken, or that the surgeon had second thoughts and decided they didn't need to see me again quite so soon). The surgeon's PA found the letter in my file, confirmed they did still want to see me 6 months after the June appointment, but said no appointment had been booked for me because they must have forgotten. I now have an appointment in a couple of weeks. I know I need more surgery as breast reconstruction usually needs several operations, but this left me wondering if I would ever have heard from them again if I hadn't followed it up.

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