"Termination of care"

About: Norfolk County Council WilsonParker Limited

(as a service user),

We had a carer who I felt had an abusive personality in a narcissistic sense. When they reported us to social services for asking them to prioritise certain tasks and not leave knives lying around because of the children I refused to have her in my house. I felt that if they took such offence at that then it would be unwise to have her in my house for both our safetys.

The care agency refused to send in another carer. We called Social Services where we were told my concerns were not valid and if I didn't have her in I would have no-one in.

We explained that prior to this the carer in question had been exhibiting concerning behaviour in that it appeared as though they were playing off my carers against each other and trying to push away anyone who cared for me. There were other instances too.

Again we were told I wouldn't get any care if I didn't have this person in by both the agency and Social Services. I felt so vulnerable I could not agree to have them back in my house. Rightly or wrongly I felt they were trying to manipulate us, however my concerns were rejected.

The agency head office confirmed that we should be allocated another carer if we don't get on with one. This was refused, and then our care got terminated with less than a weeks notice.