"One of the worst hospitals I've ever been to..."

(as the patient),

Howabout the time when I took my 18 month old daughter there with an unidentified rash? Two hours before a nurse even saw her and SIX HOURS before they identified it as an alergic reaction - lucky it wasn't meningititis eh?

Howabout the time my GP tried to call the childrens unit but there was no answer so she gave us a letter and told us to get down there asap. The childrens centre said they didn't open until 10 a.m. (it was 9.55) and that they wouldn't be able to see her with this GP's letter. Packed off to A&E, we then sat there for nigh on 2 hours. We were finally told to go to the... childrens unit where we started over 2 hours ago!

Howabout the time we were left in the tiny treatment area in A&E and one of the nurses didn't like the fact that my 18 month old daughter was crying and kept having sly digs at us to shut her up.

Howabout the time they put us into a tiny little room and closed the door on us because my kids were crying. Four of us in a little hot cubby hole with the door closed.

Howabout the time my wife had her c-section? Her sheet was stained with the blood from her wound. I told a nurse who said she would deal with it. An hour later I asked another nurse where the sheets were and I changed them myself.

Howabout the time when we were waiting for an x-ray. The time was 19:20 and the receptionist put up the closed sign - the back of the x-ray referal forms cleary state a 'last patient admitted' time of 19:45. Someone came in 5 mins later and she flatly refused to admit him even though he was well within the time!Lucky for me I left work early eh?

By the way - I've used a false post code for fear of reprisal.

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