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(as a relative),

I was referred by my GP to the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital for a test for Haemochromatosis. He noticed that I had a very high iron count. Having seen a specialist and another Doctor there and more blood tests (which were lost), after 6 months I was told that they would not recommend a gene test because 'a woman of my age could not possibly have haemochromatosis'.

I then went privately, suspecting that I had the condition, to a specialist. The test was undertaken, the diagnosis confirmed.

I wrote to the specialist the Chelsea and Westminster hospital to advise him of my diagnosis. I received no acknowledgement to my letter.

There is obviously an ignorance in that hospital to the condition (haemochromatosis) which worries me as it is a leading teaching hospital for Imperial College London's medical students.

I am also amazed that the medics did not listen to their patient. Doctors should listen to them.

I am also astounded that the blood tests were lost.

Now I fund my treatment - venesections -

in a private hospital where that specialist works closely with my Diabetic specialist at the same private hosital where I also receive treatment for that condition (a side effect of haemochromatosis).

I have no faith in the National Health Service as far as my conditions are concerned. I am unable to trust any treatment because I cannot trust Doctors who let me down to know their science sufficiently to manage all the conditions I have, ie the Hameochromatosis, Diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol control. To end up with sub standard care and possible infection (which also worries me in NHS hospitals) and possibly anaemia, is why I fund my own care, and I am also in full time employment and have been paying for the NHS since starting work, something is not quite right I think.

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