" Nose operation: SMR "

(as the patient),

Almost 3yrs ago i had an ENT operation to size and straighten my septum
    the bit that separates both nostrils} as for several several years I've suffered with perennial rhinitis, sinusitis, a post nasal drip and popping/blocked ears. I was elated at the thought of being free of this with surgery. I couldnt wait to get to theatre on the day and after a fragmin injection {previous DVT
i went happily under anaesthetic. When i came round in recovery room i was wide awake and felt the best i had in ages! The nasal tampons had to stay in until 6am next day, which came and went. They were removed not much before 12noon and as soon as they were the wounds started bleeding excessively, my BP dropped dramatically and i went into shock on the bed. I`m sure this would not have happened had they been removed on time, i also believe the infection up there a few days later was due to this. Recurrent infections since have caused the left nostril to shrink considerably - restricting my breathing worse now than ever before with a far worse post nasal drip, i am always clearing my throat and often food gets stuck in it when i swallow. Ive also had a very heavy feeling above the roof of my mouth and on blowing my nose ive had food ie jelly sweets, coco pops and a couple of other things come out of it and the heaviness subsides. Ive had a CT scan, steroid tablets and antibiotics, all to no avail. The consultant says there is something with the lining in my nose causing excessive mucous production and as steroids had not helped there is nothing more he can do...to my devastation, as the thought of living with this for the rest of my life feels intolerable. Every day i question whether there is something else available that my surgeon was not prepared to try? I also wonder if there are others in this situation?
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