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(as the patient),

In late February this year, I was getting ready for bed. It was around ten oclock at night. I'd got my pjs on and as I was coming out of bedroom to the toilet, I cut my ankle open on some furniture. I looked down and blood was spurting out. I put pressure on it and called my hubby to call an ambulance. He didn't call one so I did. I threw his phone upstairs and I called. I was still putting pressure on my ankle.

Within minutes a paramedic was with me. By this time I was feeling very tired. It would have been half an hourr for an ambulance, which is disgusting when you feel like you are bleeding to death. Paramedic Dave came. He was very reasuring and very professional. He said I had cut through an artery, and may need an operation. Blood was spurting out with every beat of my heart. He really bandaged my foot and off we went to hospital.

When we got to A&E, I got signed in and sat in a wheelchair with my foot up and all bandaged up. The triage nurse took me into a side room, looked at my foot and asked about medication. I told him that I was on antidepressants. Then he took me through to another room and stitched my ankle up. He then bandaged my ankle back up and then left me for an hour just to see if the bleeding had stopped. After an hour, the bleeding had stopped so I rang for my husband to come and fetch me.

He came at 2am. He was told she has gone home. He replied "what in pjs and only one shoe on, I dont think so." I was in a side room and they took me off the computer so they thought I'd gone home. This time I was stuck in a room not knowing he was there. I thought he was at home. So he went back home and then at 2.30am rang him again and asked "where are you?" He said "I'm at home," so I said "come and fetch me." So at 2.30am I walked through to reception and there I met the triage nurse who said "I thought you had gone home." I walked through that hospital with one shoe on and outside with no crutches, no pain killers and no paperwork which I thought was downright disgusting.

The paramedic was brilliant. If it wasn't for him I would be dead. I had two weeks off work. I must also say a big thankyou to Sarah Turner-Saint. She is a lovely person who has supported me for 4 months. She is kind, caring and also understanding and very professional. She answers all my posts and messages. She is just a brilliant person. If anyone should have an award, it should be her. She has suported me through some really bad situations and bad times. She is so thoughtful and so kind. Sarah has given me lots of advice for a lot of my problems which I have found very useful. I wouldn't have a clue where to go for help or advice.

I find the Royal Hospital website useful at times. I know I can sometimes be stroppy and difficult and really down and you, Sarah Turner-Saint have been there for me when there has been no one else and I mean no one e.g. family. It's you. Sarah who's put me on the right track. I admire you in everything you do. You're just brilliant in my eyes. I have nothing bad to say about you, only good things. You're kind, caring, thoughtful, brilliant and show compassion, dignity and respect. All these qualities are what I like in a person.

I know I get down and am difficult but Sarah I love you to bits and I'm so thankful for all your help and advice. You're just one lovely person. As you know at the moment, I'm going through hell. There's not a lot you can do. It now has to be the doctors but thank you once again for everything. You have been alongside me for 4 months and I find you have supported me well throughout this time. Thank you. If anyone should get an award, it should be you, Sarah Turner-Saint. You're an angel, kind, caring and thoughtful.

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