"Non existant follow up treatment for surgery for small bowel adhesions."

About: University Hospital Of Wales / General Surgery

(as the patient),

I was admitted to The U.H.wales in Cardiff in Jan 2012. After many tests and x-rays I was admitted as an emergency with excruciating abdominal pain. I was being sick and bringing up brown bile. After more x-rays I was told nothing can be found.

I was moved from S.A.U. to short stay surgical unit. While there I was seen by a senior member of medical staff because my x-rays could not be found on computer. This person demanded another x-ray, as my stomach was bloated. Only then was the blockage found.

I had surgery a couple of days later. Because i had not opened my bowel for a few days prior to my addmission, I was filled with laxatives up until the time i was discharged with a load of pills. I had no instructions about changing the dressing, or when to stop taking the pills. I also found that as soon as i opened my bowels it felt like they couldn't get me off the ward quick enough.

I thought I would at least have someone to call on me to see if the scar was healing as it should and at least change the dressing. I had to go to my GPs nurse and ask her to change it.

I am very disapointed with the aftercare i received by such a large hospital. I must say the majority of the staff were very good and dedicated but a small number seemed to just turn up with no real interest.

I had to have a sample of urine taken and the nurse spilled some on my bed, she said that she would come back and change it, but she didn't return. I was very disappointed with this, especially as infections can so easily break out in hospitals. I didn't think the part of the wards I saw were very clean.

I say bring back the matron to the wards to get things done properly.

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