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"absoutely awful"

About: Royal Hampshire County Hospital

What I liked

nothing, i have had several bad experiences at winchester hospital, with staff who do not listen and nigh care is non existant. being only 42 years old i was put in a ward with many poor incontinent older people who were going to toilet on the floor but at night noone was around and i had to endure several older ladies screaming in pain all night one of which was trying to get out of bed ( and couldnt walk without a frame) and after having a bowel.hernia operation had to help her back into bed, i spoke to the nurses and noone of them cared until finally i fould a nurse that could help her with the pain, it was awful and thats not the only time, i hated my stay at winchester and the lack of care and have told my doctor i will not go back again, it seems like noone cared, and when i was discharge the nurse got all my medication wrong and virtually overdosed me as she wanted to shut the ward as it wasnt supposed to be open at the weekend. All in all a very distressing experience and i have been i hospital many times but winchester was totally awfull.

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