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"Will go elsewhere for next gynaecology referral"

What could be improved

My GP referred me to a gynaecology consultant because I experienced increasingly heavy breakthrough bleeding midway through my cycle, followed by an ultrasound hinting at a uterine polyp. Three years earlier I had a hysteroscopy to remove uterine polyps. After waiting more than 75 minutes past my appointment time, I left feeling patronised by the consultant. Without checking my records carefully enough to see I'd recently had an ultrasound querying a polyp, he asked me why I was concerned about this breakthrough bleeding. I said I had not had it before, it was getting heavier each month, my GP was concerned it was abnormal, and an ultrasound hinted at a polyp. He initially dismissed my reference to the ultrasound as having been the one I'd had 3 years earlier, before the hysteroscopy. I had to interrupt him to explain I'd had one recently that suggested the same problem, which was why I'd been referred. At this point he checked my records more carefully. Because he didn't know how to access the ultrasound images on the computer, he asked the sister to do it for him. While she did this, he commented that this was the only way he got to see her. I found the comment professionally inappropriate, and the sister seemed embarrassed by it. For the rest of the appointment, the consultant spoke to me like I was a child who didn't understand the basics of a woman's cycle. (I have a PhD in the sciences.) He suggested at both the start and end of the appointment that I really did not want to subject myself to the inconvenience and discomfort of another hysteroscopy, but should instead accept that this breakthrough bleeding was a sign of a "normal healthy lady" during ovulation, while admitting he could not explain why I'd never had it before. I wish I'd chosen one of the other four hospitals offered for this consultation. I will be getting a second opinion.

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