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About: Datchet Health Centre

The plain and simple fact is that the practice does not have sufficient of the basic raw commodity necessary, namely doctors appointments.

I have been a patient at this practice for eight years and seen a steady decline in availability.

Previously one could call for an “emergency” appointment or pop in and join a queue. Other less urgent cases cold be seen the following day or so. Now, with the absence of available appointments, the next available appointments are THREE WEEKS away!

Well faced with emergency or a wait of three weeks, everyone has an emergency. Case in point, I recently had an abscess that made walking difficult. Struggled to the surgery for The 8:00 rush (preciously it was 8;30) to be told no appointments were available. Fifteen minutes after the opening lottery stakes.

No point calling as there is no answer. Previously the issue was that appointments clashes with the school run, they’ve at least cured that problem by opening earlier!

Should one be lucky enough to get an emergency appointment and see a medical professional, they may want to see you for follow-up in a week. Perfectly reasonable.

Except someone forgot to tell the poor GP that that’s not a possible option in Datchet because there are no appointments for THREE WEEKS! what continuity of care?

Ear syringing by a nurse? very sorry but nothing available this month (on the second of August!). Vaccination for travel? Sorry nothing for three months, there is a private clinic in Windsor. Etc...

I now only use the practice as a triage for my private healthcare.

The practice is failing

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