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"Miscarriage is awful; the care in FPH made it..."

About: Royal Hampshire County Hospital

What I liked

We went for a scan at about 14 weeks, and the nurse's words will stick with me forever: "everything's not as it should be today". From that moment forward, I don't think we could have asked for more. Our littlun' had apparently died at about 10 weeks. Everyone acted quickly, provided options, gave us a private room, were appropriately sympathetic but direct, etc. The nurses, assistants and doctors were great; their matter of fact approach, appropriate humour and humanity - in fact, everything about the way we were treated - was great. Later the same evening, when my Wife had a 'funny turn', they got us back in, with a fresh bed and a private room, to monitor for the night. I was allowed to wander in and out, it was comfortable, and although it was an awful experience (medical miscarriage is not a pretty thing.....), it would have been utterly awful without the wonderful team in Florence Portal House. Thank you.

What could be improved

I suppose in a perfect world, some of the doctors could have been a little quicker to show up, but they are busy people, and I think our sense of time was probably a little distorted! Seriously, I would not change anything, other than the rather sad outcome!

Anything else?

We have just found out that my wife is pregnant again :-) Let's hope it all goes to plan.

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