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(as the patient),

My wife was 2 weeks over due and booked in to be induced. When we first got to York hospital we were told there was "no room at the inn" and we would have to come back tomorow!

We then finally got in and we were put on ward G3. She was given various things to bring on the contractions even though nothing was working. In total she and i told 5 different midwifes that she was experiencing pain in the bottom of her belly. 3 of the midwifes examined her and said it was normal and everything was fine with the baby! 2 of them did not look at her - they gave her some paracetomal and said you will be ok.

Contractions then started when we had been left with a student midwife unsupervised, who then tried to deliver the baby. My wife was on the monitor that monitors the babys heart beat. The heart beat then started to drop, another midwife then came runing in and took a look at my wife. We had not seen this midwife before and straight away she noticed the student had been trying to get my wife to give birth when the baby was in the breach posistion! She was then rushed off to theater for a caesarian, thankfully due to the midwife that noticed, baby and wife were ok!

After the caesarian due to how the baby was laid with its legs up in a frozen sort of way, we were told the baby had been in the breach position for quite some time.

I keep asking myself why on earth did the 5 other midwifes not pick up on it, when the midwife that noticed picked up on it straight away and why was my wife and I left with a student to deliver our baby?

Things could have turned out alot worse than they did all because the midwifes failed to detect what is a common problem.

Never again would i go to York hospital.

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