"Incorrect prescription from my GP"

About: Wolverhampton City PCT

(as the patient),

After being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis I was prescribed Methotrexate (Mx) - 6.2x2.5mg to be taken once per week.

My GP Practice misprescribed the MX. I confirmed the misprescription with my pharmacist and returned to the Practice to ask them to check their records and correct the prescription because the pharmacist, rightly, couldn't dispense the correct quantity of MX if it disagreed with the prescription. The staff at the Practice continued to insist that they had read their records correctly. I had to ask to see a GP who then, finally, accepted that their prescription had been incorrect.

After that, my GP reduced the amount of MX prescribed to only a months' worth at each repeat, without letting me know. The Practice had previously prescribed 3 months' worth at a time. When I asked them why they cited NICE guidelines. I looked up the NICE guidelines - and I believe my GP had misread them; they specified the mg dosage pills to be dispensed, not the number of pills. I also discovered, later, that my GP had continued to dispense more than 1 months' worth of MX to other patients.

I left the Practice and registered with another GP. I made a formal comlaint about, eventually taking it to the Ombudsman. The old Practice was obliged to write a letter of apology to me acknowledging some, though I believe not all, of their errors.

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